Raise Brand Awareness,
Influence Consumer Behaviour.

We offer a full range of creative and technical
services to help you achieve your goals by
strategically incorporating influencer marketing
into new and existing campaigns.

For the first time in history, consumers
know more about a marketing channel
than brands do.

Consumers are the new media channels and DWOM connects them directly to your brand.

DWOM locates key influencers relevant to your brand and target audience, collaborates on content, distributes that content through various high impact social channels, and measures results with robust analytics. We then use those results to refine your ongoing strategy.

What our influencers do for you!
  • Identify and introduce new customers
  • Share brand content
  • Create original content (videos, photos, etc.)
  • Scale brand campaigns and promotions
  • Interact/respond to prospective customer questions
  • Share their experiences through stories
  • Make referrals and recommendations
  • Share ratings and reviews
  • Create testimonials
  • Assist in product development

Benefits of Working with DWOM

The DWOM Experience starts with your brand's objectives and messaging in mind


Grow your brand equity

Harness the power of influencer marketing to increase your brand’s value and get your target audience talking about you.

Our tailored campaigns raise your brand awareness, grow your follower base and social media likes, and maximize audience engagement.


Gain consumer trust and loyalty

Business is growing where consumer activity is growing - online and on social media. Use influencers who are already trusted by your consumers to reach your audience where and when they want to be reached with messages that matter to them. Generate authentic user feedback that spreads across the internet, bringing new customers to your door and existing customers coming back for more.


Influence consumer buying behaviour

Consumers are heavily influenced by the opinions and actions of those they admire, trust, and follow. More than 81% of consumers begin their buying journey online and 70% trust and follow the recommendations posted by others.

The authentic content DWOM and its influencers create and publish on behalf of your brand directly results in driving consumer behaviour, and an overall increase in your brand equity and bottom line.


Measure your results and refine your strategy

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

DWOM closely analyzes every aspect of your ongoing campaign to determine ways of optimizing the effectiveness of your campaign. We act on the insights learned and refine your strategy to maximize the benefits you receive.



  • DWOM stands for digital word of mouth. Our mission is to spread your word of mouth across all the right digital channels and reach the audience you want with the right messaging.
  • We are digital and social media experts.
  • We match your brand DNA and needs with the DNA and audiences of our influencers.
  • Our personal relationships with influencers enables us to work more effectively with them and bring better results to you.
  • Our unique offerings such as influencer events, online flash mobs, DWOM Box, and more allow us to give you an edge over your competition.

Our Services

DWOM provides a unique variety of influencer marketing solutions.



We develop a customized social media and influencer strategy that brands can leverage for all future digital marketing campaigns.



We mobilize local and global influencers to capture engaging footage from your events, share it with their followers through their various Social Media networks, and launch a compelling, large-scale conversation about your event and your brand.

Promotions & Reviews


Our network of influencers will develop content to showcase and endorse your products in creative and engaging ways.



Like the idea of having a group of influencers talking about your product? Let us plan a customized DWOM experience. We organize a unique and memorable event that will directly connect you with your local target audience using visuals that your audience will find engaging, and compel them to share and promote your brand.

Contests & Challenges


Excite your fans with contests and challenges that will have them clicking on the share button to no end. Our team designs, implements, and manages contests that are quick, easy, and fun to enter, share, and win.

Winning is an emotional experience, and emotions drive action. Involvement of followers is the key to your success.

Photography & Videography


For a more direct experience between your brand and its followers, we have guest influencers ready to take over your social media accounts during an event and push beautiful, exciting, and engaging photos & videos directly to your fans to increase shares, likes, comments and overall engagement with your brand.



Leverage thousands of influencers who will promote, review, and take unboxing videos of your products that arrive in our highly anticipated co-branded DWOM Boxes.

Online Flashmob


We develop a custom hashtag for your brand, product, or event and send out a call to action to our DWOM influencer community to get them involved in a pre-planned social media flashmob event. Sit back and watch as your hashtag and brand trend across the social media platforms of your choice.



Tell us your goals and we will hand craft a campaign specifically for you. Some of our most successful campaigns started off as ideas our brand partners had with no clear plan for execution.

While the ad industry has been slow to respond to the changing media landscape, new opportunities are available for brands.

DWOM offers something different. We have developed a new model of content production and distribution that promotes community engagement. Our goal is to form a community around your brand, a community of loyal followers where ideas are exchanged about your brand, your products, and your message.


Brand DNA Analysis

Our first step is understanding your brand’s DNA. We work with you to understand your message, goals, and the demographic you need to reach in order to grow your brand equity and awareness, while influencing the buying behaviour of your customers.

Creation & Distribution

Content is created by influencers, DWOM copywriters, and industry field experts, and strategically published across selected channels that your audience engages with regularly.

Audience Segmentation

We identify key influencers based on target audience matching. We then translate campaign goals into results and develop a framework for long term partnerships that brands can leverage for future campaigns.

Measured Performance

We measure, analyze and report on all key engagement metrics to quantify the success of your campaigns. We interpret and benchmark this data to create and refine strategies for ongoing marketing initiatives.


The power of influencer marketing lies in enabling your brand to align its message to an influencer's personal brand (their personality), gaining access to an already engaged audience that aligns with your brand. When this is done properly, marketing messages come across as organic and genuine. This is much more effective than posting a banner ad or releasing a commercial.


We understand that trust is key when sending out your message to consumers. That is why our network of influencers is comprised of true relationship-builders who are trusted bloggers, visual storytellers, and social media conversationalists.

Integrity comes first for them, and they feel a personal responsibility to their followers. Our influencers authentically weave brand messaging into their narratives, and preserve consumer trust with the perfect mix of creativity and honesty.


Gone are the days when brands told consumers who they were. Today, consumers tell consumers who a brand is. Our influencers are savvy consumers who know that being ‘real’ trumps all else, especially in marketing.

As an extension of your brand, DWOM influencers are everywhere you can’t always be. They act as your brand’s voice and personality as they engage in fact-sharing across multiple social touch points spreading digital word of mouth for your brand.

Start harnessing the power of the influencer economy for your brand.


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